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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the MetroManager™ Frequently Asked Questions section for hotels! This Page covers frequently asked questions for our online hotel form. To use this page, simply click on one of the questions presented below. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and someone on our content team will be happy to assist you.

Q: What is MetroManager?
A: Like the wizard behind the curtain, MetroManager is the technology that runs the show for us, so to speak. MetroManager was created by, Inc. to handle the publication of city and travel guides for major metropolitan areas worldwide. The program uses powerful database and XML technologies to allow the distribution of business listings across multiple platforms, including the web, wireless, PDA's, iTV and more. The MetroManager system has hooks that enable it to work seamlessly with two other software packages also developed by MetroGuide. ContextManager™ selects the appropriate business opportunity or inventory based on the context of the content being viewed by the consumer. Once the consumer decides to make a purchase, CommerceManager™ then completes the transaction. Taken together, MetroManager and its associated systems represent the world's most sophisticated contextual commerce system derived from city guide publishing.

Q: Where does my listing get published?
A: MetroManager handles the distribution of content across multiple publications and platforms. The primary distribution point for MetroManager hotel listings is the HotelGuide Network, the world's first online hotel directory. With millions of unique visitors per month, HotelGuide is quite simply the most effective place to list your hotel online. Using MetroManager as a distribution tool, however,, Inc. has numerous content licensing and other distribution deals that ensure your hotel information will get the maximum possible exposure. Past and present content partners include Yahoo!, MediaOne (now AT&T Broadband), RealHotels™, The HotelChannel™ and many more.

Q: I manage many hotels. How can I submit all of them?
A: The best way often depends on how many hotels you have. Since our online form is pre-formatted to closely match both the structure of our database and our editor's preferences, if you have 5 or fewer hotels the optimal way is to use the online form for each hotel. After about a half-dozen or so hotels, up to many hundreds, our experience has been that a spreadsheed format, such as Microsoft Excel® works best. The online form gets priority over listings submitted in other formats that must be hand-processed, so please be patient. Please contact our editors to coordinate the transfer of a large quantity of listings and they will be happy to help you.

Q: How do I get my hotel at the top of the list?
A: HotelGuide and most of the other publications and sites managed by MetroManager are not intended to be just "search engines", so there's no way to optimize your listings by altering the information. Sites that are part of the MetroGuide family rely on editors to select the top hotels and their decisions are final. Listings with the greatest depth of information are usually, though not always, chosen for premiere placement. The order of hotels presented on content partner sites are entirely up to the policies of those sites.

Q: How do I add a photograph to my listing?
A: Photographs are processed by our Arts and Design Department after review by our editors. Please contact our editors to coordinate the transfer photographs and they will be happy to help you.

Q: Do I need to pay a commission on referrals?
A: You may already be, and are not even aware of it. HotelGuide, for example, has relationships with several online hotel reservation services, such as Hotel Reservations Network. If your hotel is listed in one of our guides, it will be linked to one or more of these services, or to's own GDS arrangement. Many hotel operators are suprised to find out that, through the many MetroManager gateway sites, we are sending them millions of dollars in business each year in conjunction with one of our partners. Our business development team is interested in talking with you if you would like to negotiate a direct linking, net rate or similar deal that takes advantage of MetroManager's unique offering. Please contact our business development team for more information.

Q: There's an error on my listing, how do I fix it?
A: Keeping our listings accurate is very important to us and we regret any errors that may have been intruduced into our database. Please contact our editors and tell them specifically what error(s) need to be fixed. Please be sure to include sufficient and specific contact information so we can contact you, and so that we can identify the exact record that requires corrections.

Q: How much does a listing cost?
A: Inclusion in our database is free of charge.

Q: Can I list my reservation or vacation rental service?
A: Our database is designed strictly for physical hotel properties, including beds and breakfasts, inns, motels, resorts, etc. We cannot list reservation services or other businesses that do not themselves have a physical property to list in the database. Our editors reserve the right to reject all listings that do not meet our criteria. In the future, we may support different data types, and we will make the policy change clear on our sites when we do.

Q: Will you publish a link to my website?
A: It depends on the site or distribution partner. HotelGuide and related sites, for example, do not support links directly to a hotel web site. Some of the content partners that license our data may provide such a link at their discretion. Please contact our business development team if you would like to discuss how we can sell your inventory in a commission or similar arrangement.

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