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Licensing, Inc., parent company of Metropolitan Networks® and Canal MetropolitanoSM, offers content licensing from its proprietary MetroData SM databases and co-branding programs facilitated by its MetroManager technology. The company, with a proven track record of providing quality, timely data to its clients and business partners, is always eager to discuss ways that MetroManager can create mutually beneficial relationships.

How Can We Help You?

Local content publishing is tough. You can look at how many of the once-pioneering local content sites that still have event calendars dated "1995" or restaurant listings for eateries that have long since served their last meal and you can get a sense for the challenge involved in keeping content fresh and keeping readers coming back.
MetroManager answers the challenge by providing a comprehensive, timely data source that you can use to transform your site, hardware platform, or portal into a destination that local users will rely on. Whether it's a simple data feed that you can apply to your own template, or a complete outsourcing of site generation, MetroManager can provide the publishing solution you need.

What Deals Make Sense?

There are numerous variations of content licensing relationships, but they all boil down to combinations of two considerations: the value of the content provided by MetroManager and the value of the traffic to your branded site or platform.
The most straightforward deal is a simple exchange of data for compensation. You pay for what you buy and MetroManager provides you the data in the format you specify. The compensation can be in cash, guaranteed traffic exchanges, advertising revenue splits, etc.
Or, for example, MetroManager can also create and manage a "local content portal" for your hardware or OEM platform, giving your end users up to date local information about the city they are interested in via your gateway.
Frankly, the possibilities are limitless, and our business development team would be pleased to discuss your ideas for how we can fit our content and processes into your business model.

MetroManager's Track Record

The MetroManager software and system has successfully managed local content since its first iteration in 1992, where it was originally deployed on touch screen interacive kiosks and fax-on-demand systems. The software has been in active use on the World Wide Web since 1995, and as of early 2003,, Inc., the developer of MetroManager, had used the system to deploy local content sites for over 180 metropolitan areas worldwide.
MetroManager has provided content and other services for major national partners, such as Yahoo!, Inc. and MediaOne, and for regional and local ISP's and content providers. With the development of our powerful and flexible new MetroXMLTM technology standard, MetroManager continues to be a leader in local content publishing. Receiving the benefits of adding dedicated local content to your company's offerings can be made simple with MetroManager.

Contact us today.

To contact our Business Development staff about local content opportunities with MetroManager, please Click Here.


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