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The founders of, Inc. (formerly, Inc.) identified the interactive local content business model as a strategic direction in early 1992. With no commercially available source for software to manage the complexities of local content publishing available at that time, however, the company opted to design the software for local content publishing in-house. The iterative process used to develop the MetroManager software, processes and business logic over the last several years has resulted in a flexible and powerful system that is optimized for this special type of publishing. In addition, years of content aggregation efforts have resulted in detailed local content databases about numerous cities worldwide that are available for licensing.

The Technology

MetroManager database and XML technologies are capable of handling every aspect of local content publishing. Major features include advertising campaign tracking and optimization, yellow page listings, white page listings, event listings, calendaring and lead tracking. The software converts relational and object data into multiple presentation formats, including foreign languages. Although MetroManager's output is currently deployed primarily on the Internet and on intranets, the software has been successfully deployed in interactive kiosk and fax-on-demand applications as well. MetroManager is capable of generating local content for any format or platform.

The Content, Inc. developed MetroManager to manage its own local content publishing needs. Because MetroManager is flexible enough to allow rapid deployment on diverse platforms, any company that desires local content data can license the data from and then that data can be converted into whatever format is needed.
By mid-2002, had local content data stored in MetroManager for 150 cities worldwide and the company is in the process of adding at least two local content guides, typically under the HotelGuide brand, per week. Data sets are grouped into branded content areas by topic and location. These areas are:

  • MetroGuide: Metropolitan area information
  • EventGuide: Local events, concerts, theater, conventions, etc.
  • LodgingGuide: Information for all types of accommodations, including beds and breakfasts, hotels, vacation rentals and more.
    • HotelGuide: Subset of LodgingGuide focusing primarily on hotel information
  • RetailGuide: Malls and retail shops
  • DiningGuide: Restaurant information
  • FareGuide: Airline and airfare information
  • VenueGuide: Local venue and ticket information
    • TheaterGuide: Subset of VenueGuide featuring local theater and ticket information
    • ArenaGuide: Subset of VenueGuide focusing primarily on sports arenas and stadiums (avail. CY 2003)
  • CruiseGuide: Cruise ships and sailing information
  • NightGuide: Clubs, bars, discos and nightlife events
  • IslandGuide: Island travel information
  • TrafficGuide: Real time local highway conditions (avail. CY 2003)

Contact us to find out which topics are available for the geographic area you are interested in or feel free to browse The Metropolitan Network.

The Future

MetroManager has always been a leader in the local content field, and the program will continue to efficiently power the back-end publishing requirements of a growing list of ventures. In a constant state of evolution to meet the increasing challenges of a rapidly evolving industry, MetroManager is currently being adapted for the needs of a new range of front-ends and information gateways, such as WAP, PDA's, iTV, PC startup screens, Web-enabled telephones and a host of other technologies. The powerful MetroXMLTM extensible markup language will soon bring revolutionary changes to the local content publishing industry. Whatever the future of local content publishing may bring, expect to see MetroManager leading the way.

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